UHF UCODE 8 / 8m Card

NXP’s UCODE 8/8m ICs are the latest products of the UCODE family. which offers best-in-class performance and features for use in the most demanding RFID tagging applications.

Particularly well suited for inventory management applications, like Retail and Fashion, with its leading edge RF performance for any given form factor, It enables long read distance and fast inventory of dense RFID tag population. With its broadband design, it offers the possibility to manufacture true global RFID label with best-in-class performance over worldwide regulations.

The device also provides an Self Adjust Feature, a Product Status Flag for Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) application, pre-serialized 96-bit EPC, Brand Identifier and the EPC Gen2v2 compliant Untraceable command.

Our Advantages :

– Competitive price for fast delivery
– Plain surface for transfer printing
– Professional in RFID plastic lamination
– Loss prevention
– Brand Protection
– After sales operations: Return and warranty management

UCODE 8/8m Standard Features:

– Chip: UCODE 8/8m
– Working Frequency: 860-960MHZ
– IC Memory: EPC 128-bit/96-bit (UCODE 8/UCODE 8m), TID 96 bit
– User Memory: 0-bit/32-bit (UCODE 8/UCODE 8m) , EPC Gen2
– Protocol: ISO18000-C
– Read and Write
– Material: PVC, PET, ABS, PET, etc.
– Surface Option: Gloss, Matt
– Dimensions: CR80 85.5 x 54mm or Customized
– Thickness: 0.84~0.86mm
– Housing: Lamination
– Data Storage Time: 10 years
– Operating Temperature: -15℃ ~ +60℃
– Storage Temperature: -20℃ ~ +70℃
– Warranty: 1 Year

Target Applications

– Inventory and Supply Chain Management
– Retail
– Airline Luggage Tracking
– Shipping Services
– Laundry Services


– Offset Printing
– Silk Screen Printing
– UV Printing
– LoCo300
– HiCo2750
– Magstripe Encoding
– DOD Printing
– Thermal Printing
– Embossing
– Hologram
– Encoding



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UCODE 8 Card
UCODE 8 Card
UCODE 8 Card
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