Topaz512 NFC Transpoder

Why Topaz?
Our Topaz NFC tags are higher capacity NFC tags that are compatible with all NFC-enabled smart phones. With more memory, you’re able to program each NFC tag to perform more actions. Almost 300% more memory than regular NTAG203 NFC tags.

This is a Type 1 NFC tag and is compatible with the vast majority of current mobile phones. Because it is also compatible with BlackBerry’s, the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Google’s Nexus 4/new 7/10, it is a very good alternative to NXP’s Mifare 1k tag (which isn’t compatible). It’s good memory capacity does make it particularly suitable for vCards and it can be encoded with all the typical Android apps without problem. We would however generally recommend that unless you need the additional memory, the NTAG203 is our preferred choice of chip.

Standard Features
?Compliant with the Type 1 tag format, which has been mandated by the NFC Forum
?Targeted for operation with NFC devices which work to ISO/IEC 18092(NFCIP-1) and ISO/IEC 21481(NFCIP-2)
?ISO/IEC 14443 Type A modulation scheme
?Memory: Broadcom Topaz 512 – 512 Byte (NDEF: 456 Byte)
?Frequency: HF 13.56MHz
?Passive RFID tag operating in the unlicensed 13.56MHz band
?Read and write(R/W) operation
?8-byte read and 8-byte write commands
?Fast data communication rate of 106kbps
?UID provision to enable collision detecting by use of the Read UID(RID)command.
?Data communications are protected by 16-bit CRC integrity checking
?EEPROM based user read/write memory area organized as blocks of 8 bytes
?7 bytes of Unique Identification(UID) number for use in data authentication/anticloning
?480 bytes of user read/write memory
?64 bits(8 bytes) of OTP memory
?Read/write Times: 100000 times
?Working life: 10 years
?Antenna: Aluminum Foil
?Read Distance: 1-15cm (depends on the card reader and antenna)

Typical Applications
Cashless/ Contactless Payment
Short Range Access Control
Mobile Devices Startup
Event Ticketing
Smart Poster

Topaz512 is one of the most common high frequency chip, which has many applications such as Advanced public transportation, High secure access control, Event ticketing, e-Government& Identity, etc…

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