Tag-it HF Ti2048 Transpoder

The Tag-it HF Ti2048 is very mature RFID technology fully comply with RF interface ISO/IEC 15693 which provides long-range wireless read/write capability. To build a complete transponder, the Tag-it HF-I transponder IC must build a resonance circuit with the external antenna it is assembled on, e.g., an etched aluminum antenna.

TI2048 is one of the most common high frequency chip, which has many applications such as Asset tagging, Electronic ticketing, Anti-counterfeit prevention, Building access badges, Distribution logistics and supply-chain management, Building access badges, Express parcel delivery, Airline boarding passes and baggage handling, etc.

Standard Features
?IC manufacturer: Texas Instrument(TI)
?Wafer die: Tag-it HF Ti2048
?Function: Read/Write with protection
?Memory: 1K-bit EEPROM organised in 32 blocks of 4 byte each.
?Frequency: 13.56MHz
?RF protocol: ISO 15693
?Reading Distance: 6cm typically
?Data storage time: 10 years
?Package: 200pcs per Inner Box; 20 Inner Boxes per Carton, each Carton gross weight at 28KGs
?ISO/IEC 15693-2,-3; ISO/IEC 18000-3 Compliant
?256 Bit User Memory in 8×32-bit Blocks
?Application Family Identifier (AFI)
?Fast Simultaneous Identification (Anti-collision)

Typical Applications
Access Control
Loyalty Programs
Brand reinforcement
General Promotions
Gym Memberships
Season Passes
Door Lock Keys

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