ST SRIX 4K Transpoder

The SRIX4K is a 13.56MHz short-range contactless memory, powered by an externally transmitted radio wave, with 4096-bit EEPROM, anti collision and anti-clone functions. The memory is organized as 128 blocks of 32 bits.

The SRIX4K is specifically designed for short range applications that need secure and reusable products. The SRIX4K includes an anti collision mechanism that allows it to detect and select tags present at the same time within range of the reader. The anti collision is based on a probabilistic scanning method using slot markers. The SRIX4K provides an anti clone function which allows its authentication. Using the STMicroelectronics single chip coupler, CRX14, it is easy to design a reader with the authentication capability and to build a system with a high level of security.

The SRIX4K memory is organized in three areas, as described in Figure 12. The first area is a resettable OTP (one time programmable) area in which bits can only be switched from 1 to 0. Using a special command, it is possible to erase all bits of this area to 1. The second area provides two 32-bit binary counters which can only be decremented from FFFF FFFFh to 0000 0000h, and gives a capacity of 4,294,967,296 units per counter. The last area is the EEPROM memory. It is accessible by block of 32 bits and includes an auto-erase cycle during each Write_block command.

Standard Features
• ISO 14443-2 Type B air interface compliant
• ISO 14443-3 Type B frame format compliant
• 13.56 MHz carrier frequency
• 847 kHz subcarrier frequency
• 106 Kbit/second data transfer
• France Telecom proprietary anti-clone function
• 8 bit Chip_ID based anti collision system
• 2 count-down binary counters with automated anti tearing protection
• 64-bit unique identifier
• 4096-bit EEPROM with write protect feature
• Read_block and Write_block (32 bits)
• Internal tuning capacitor
• 1million erase/write cycles
• 40-year data retention
• Self-timed programming cycle
• 5 ms typical programming time

Typical Applications
Access control
Consumer electronics
Information collection and exchange
Loyalty and coupons

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