SR176 Card


SR176 Card is an ISO14443 Type B device. It offers 176 bits of EEPROM organized in eleven 16-bit blocks, a 64-bit UID and an 8-bit Chip_ID. Targeted markets are cost-sensitive applications such as industrial identification, access control, and low-value tickets that do not need to be modified more than a few times.It is a 176 bits user EEPROM fabricated with STMicroelectronics CMOS technology. The memory is organized as 16 blocks of 16 bits on which 11 blocks are user accessible.

The SR176 is principally designed for short range applications, such as object identification, which need a low cost and non-reusable product. The SR176 does not include any anti-collision mechanism. It provides an “addressed” selection mechanism to cope with cases where more than one tag is present within the range of the reader.The SR176 is a contactless memory powered by the received carrier electromagnetic wave. The SR176 is accessed via the 13.56MHz carrier.

We supply blank SR176 card and pre-printed card.

SR176 Card Standard Features

– Working Frequency: 13.56MHZ
– IC Memory : 176 bit
– Chip : SR176
– Protocol: ISO14443 Type B
– Read and Write
– Material: PVC, PET, ABS, PETG, etc.
– Surface Option: Gloss, Matt
– Dimensions: CR80 85.5 x 54mm or Customized
– Thickness: 0.84~0.86mm
– Housing: Lamination
– Data Storage Time: 10 years
– Operating Temperature: -15℃ ~+60℃
– Storage Temperature: -20℃ ~ +70℃
– Package: 250pcs / box, 5000pcs / carton
– Warranty : 1 Year


– Library Management
– Identification


– Offset Printing
– Silk Screen Printing
– UV Printing
– Micro Text Security Printing
– Laser Engrave Code Printing
– DOD Printing
– Thermal Printing
– Embossing
– Hologram
– Encoding
– Individual Package



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