SCW2750 Magnetic Encoder

SCW2750 Magnetic Encoder

SCW2750 Magnetic Encoder is a Hico 2750oe magnetic card reader/writer with very low power consumption, which is power supplied by PC or POS terminal. Support read/write dual track: 1, 2, 3 tracks.
Upon customer request, we would configure the reader in factory to support you a optimum function and cost.
DLL and OCX libraries developing kit is provided.

The function of SCW2750 Magnetic Encoder is compliant with MSR206. SCW2750 is combined with the advanced technology of china mainland and Taiwan, but the price is much lower than MSR206. The material is metal, very stability. The Coercivity is 300~2750oe.

SCW2750 Magnetic Encoder is designed to resist common stress known from finance, post office,traffic, custom, especially in credit card of banking system.

Low power consumption, power supplied by computer
Excellent design
CE, FCC certificated
Function configurable upon request in factory, best performance/cost rate

Key Features:
Coercive Force: 300oe ~2750oe magnetic card
Magnetic Card Standard: ISO8711, 8484(IMB passbook) conformance
Encoding Speed: 10 ~ 130 cm/sec (300oe); 10 ~ 110 cm/sec (2750oe)
Read only Speed: 10 ~ 150 cm/sec
Power Supply: 5V DC, 700mA
Power: Power supplied by the POS terminal, or computer
Lifespan of the Magnetic Head: Approx. 300, 000 passes
Display: Operation responded by LED and one buzzer
Interface option: RS232, USB
Libraries: DLL and OCX libraries developing kit provided
Language: International
Dimensions (LxWxD): 186 * 52 * 60 mm
Housing: ABS
Operating Temperature: -20 to +60
Relative Humidity: 90% non-condensing

Read/Write:Read & Write / encoding
1.Manual swipe HiCo/ LoCo magnetic card encoder for triple tracks
2.ISO 7811 conformance: RS-232 or USB interface,Operation responded by LED& buzzer
3.DLL and OCX libraries developing kit provided, Compatible with MSR 206 Encoder
4.Microsoft Windows 98/ME/NT40/2000 /XP compatible
Dimension&Weight:186*52*60mm; 0.6kg
Interface:RS232 or USB interface
Card Standard:ISO7811,3 Tracks
Recording Density:Track1: 210BPI; Track2: 75BPI; Track3: 210BPI
Card Data Length: 82 Characters,7 bits code; 40 characters, 5 bits code; 107 characters,5 bits code
Start/End Code: ‘%’ / ’?’ ‘;’ / ’?’ ‘;’ / ’?’
Coercivity Force:300 Oe (Low Coercivity) ~ 2750 Oe (High Coercivity)
Encoding Speed: 10~140 cm/s; 10~100cm/s
Card Reading Speed:10~150 cm/sec
Technical parameter:Life time of the head: Approx 300,000 passes
Power Supply: 5 V DC±5% 600mA (lowest in world)
Power: Power supplied by P/S 2 Port
Operation circumstance: 0- 55 C degree / 20%~90% RH

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SCW2750 Magnetic Encoder
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