RFID UHF gen2 solution for people tracking and identification

UHF technical is excellent in identification, tacking and access control applications. But there is particular disadvantage in UHF, it is too sensitive when near metal and water even humidity.
Huayuan had offer a serial solution for this situation.


1, Solution for identify and tracking people :


UHF disposal Wristband for people tracking

Soft PVC desposal wristband with UHF technology.
Standard: ISO 18000-6C, EPC C1,Gen2.  One time using.
Application for: events, amusement park, march.
Advantage: Low cost in big quantity, un- migrate,
Read distance : Maximum 10meter, ( depend on reader and UHF transponder)
Silicon wristband

Smooth colorful, soft silicon wristband is get popular these days. It can be a badge for payment and identification. it is proximity within 10cm read distance.
Read distance : half of meter
2, UHF sticker for people tracking

This is a special lable with UHF inlay sembleing inside verticaly, this tag can be attached on body or metal surface directly, it is good in senser from entrance with a good read range, and can be color preprinted upon customers design with one time using.
Read distance: Maximum 10meter, ( depend on reader and UHF transponder)


3, A hat with RFID inside,


With a foam sheet at front of hat, rfid inlay embeding and keep 20mm distance away from head.

It is very easy to senser when reader antenna at top of entrance, when every when should keep had on. And it should be encode a kill command when passed entrence to get ride of people get in again when using as a E-ticket.
Application : event management, sport game, amusement park.
Read distance : Maximum 10meter, ( depend on reader and UHF transponder)


4,  Woven tag with RFID,


It is a typical design for amusement park for a special design in closure-a plastic lock which cannot released unless cut the woven band.  With thickness more about 10cm, RFID slider can meet 1meet read range.
Read distance : half of meter

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