HUAYUAN Secure RFID Tickets for Public Transportation System

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RFID Tickets

HUAYUAN focused on the RFID technology for 22 years and offers a range of solutions based on customization projects.HUAYUAN’s durable RFID Tickets  inlays and labels are available in disposable, multi-use and reusable, single, or fan-fold form factors.

HUAYUAN’s tickets feature our RFID inlay and label technology and are provided in a wide range of form factors and sizes, though are typically rectangular or square. The front and back side of each ticket can be customized with branding graphics, RFID-chip encoding services, multi-frequency formatting, special effects, and other security features.

Below are some hot designs antenna of Secure Tickets for you reference. If you are looking for a specific RFID Ticket, please contact us via email or phone to get your customized RFID Tickets.

RFID Tickets

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