RFID Blocking Card

HUAYUAN RFID Blocking Card

The HUAYUAN RFID blocking card is thin, powerful and high secure. Just place this thin card next to your credit cards in your wallet. One RFID blocking card can be applied for at least two contact-less cards next to it. The plastic card looks no difference from a credit card but the thickness is only half of the standard credit card thickness. For a stack of cards in your wallet you may need an additional blocking card to protect them all.

If your card is contactless enabled, your card holds information within a chip. This chip also contains an antenna that picks up power from a signal sent out by a card reader. The card reader and contactless card are then able to communicate on a 13.56MHz radio wave signal when in close proximity. Fortunately there is a very simple way to keep your identity and information.

RFID blocking card is especially designed to protect EMV bank cards,credit cards,debit card,cashless payment cards or tags from any information disclosure by NFC mobile phone,or any RFID/NFC reader equipment. We provide RFID blocking cards to use for RFID cards and passports.


– Self developed design for blocking radio frequency signal
– Secure protection 4 -6 pieces bank card attached
– Customized colorful pre-printing, and individual package
– Passport or bank card size optional
– Alternative thickness: (0.5mm, 0.76mm, 1mm) for optional
– Competitive price with fast delivery

Standard Features

– RFID Blocking Card Size : 86 x 54mm
– RFID Passport Blocking Card Size : 82 x 122mm
– Material: PVC, PET, ABS,PETG etc.
– Surface Option: Gloss, Matt
– Thickness: 0.76mm, 0.5mm for optional
– Housing: Lamination
– Storage Temperature: -20℃ to +70℃
– Operating Temperature: -15℃ to +60℃

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RFID Blocking Card
RFID Blocking Card
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