D-10X RAIN UHF Desktop Reader Writer

HUAYUAN D-10X RAIN UHF Desktop Reader Writer

D-10X RAIN UHF Desktop Reader Writer is a small integrated reader used to identify tags and write data into tags in short distance especially in indoor conditions like warehouses, distribution centers and libraries, etc. 

Customization Frequency Regions

– US, Canada and other regions following U.S. FCC
– Europe and other regions following ETSI EN 302 208 with & without LBT regulations
– Mainland China
– Japan
– Korea
– Malaysia
– Taiwan


– Cost-effective
– Desktop
– Customized antenna
– Low power consumption

Key Features

◆ PHY Chips PR9200 inside with outstanding performance and cost-effective.
◆ Chip: FT232 USB to UART, providing the most stable USB communication in the industry.
◆ All components with high-end materials and low temperature drift coefficient ensure stable performance in harsh environment.
◆ Two models: D-100/101.
◆ Read Distance: 80cm-2m (D-100), 10cm-50cm (D-101).
Note: Tested with Impinj E41b inlay
◆ Host Communication: USB 2.0/ RS-232/ Wiegand 26/ Wiegand 34
◆ Read rate: > 50pcs per second.
◆ Super low power consumption; no additional cooling devices required under indoor use.
◆ Power Supply: USB or independent power supply.
◆ Full compatible with different communication interfaces of HUAYUAN INDY R2000 series products.

UHF RFID Desktop Reader

Electrical Characteristics

1.Using The Highest Performance Components:
◆Using 50mm x 50mm ceramics antenna. Operating tag without fade zone.
◆Using FT232 USB to serial chip. Providing the most stable communication in the industry.
◆All of components with the highest level and very low temperature drift coefficient, which can work in harsh environments.

2.Excellent Performance of Reading Tags:
◆Read range is adjustable from 10cm to 1.5 m
◆The highest writing tags successful rate in the industry
◆Multi-Tag Identification: > 50pcs
◆Read Rate: > 50pcs/s

3.More Interfaces:
◆Supports USB 2.0 Interface
◆Supports RS-232 Interface
◆Supports Wiegand 26 interface
◆Supports Wiegand 34 interface
◆Supports USB powered
◆Supports independent power supply

◆No heat during long-term continuous full load working at room temperature
◆Continuous Current <200mA@3.5V(26 dBm Output)
◆Continuous Current< 110mA@3.5V(18 dBm Output)

PIN Assignments

UHF RFID Desktop Reader

UHF RFID Desktop Reader

Structure Dimensions

UHF RFID Desktop ReaderUHF RFID Desktop Reader

For further details about D-10X RAIN UHF Desktop Reader Writer, please email: Marketing@huayuansh.com

RFID Desktop Reader
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