RAIN RFID Sucker Tag


HUAYUAN RAIN RFID Sucker Tag, is designed for large metallic asset tracing management with extraordinary long read range performance compliance EPC C1 Gen2 or ISO 18000-63. No need ferrite layer, RAIN RFID Sucker Tag neither in expensive encapsulation nor structure to get rid of interference from metal body, RAIN RFID Sucker Tag enables adopting the metal cylinder body to be the critical part or RFID antenna, strength the RFID performance significantly. Moreover, HUAYUAN has experience to develop various customized RAIN RFID Sucker Tags to suitable for respective big metal items to be tracked with definite environment.

Common RAIN RFID Sucker Tags in the market usually facing unfavorable situations as:
1. Limited reading range and poor directionalities which cause inconvenient for efficient inventory management.
2. Difficult to locate the small tags on big size metallic item, and unable to read the tags on the reverse side.
3. The ways of encapsulation and installation are comprehensive and costly.

RAIN RFID Sucker Tag Advantages:

* RFID Sucker Tag can be read from any direction without blind area, it is a perfect solution for very heavy industrial uses.
* Flexible adaptabilities enable the customized Sucker Tags to be optimized to produce with reasonable cost.
* A complete solution can be offered specific to your projects and target performance.


– Dimension: 39 x 64 x 4.9mm, 64 x 57 x 10.3mm, 38 x 57 x 10.3mm or customized
– Protocol: ISO18000-63, EPC Class1 Gen2
– Frequency: 865-868MHz (ETSI), 902-928MHz (FCC)
– Chip Options: HIGGS3, HIGGS4, MONZA4, MONZA5, MONZA R6/R6-P etc.
– Operating Temperature: -40℃ to 85℃
– Storage Temperature: -40℃ to 125℃ Humidity 30%-70%
– Limit of High Temperature Resistance:
* 3 hours temperature resistance for 180℃
* Long term temperature resistance for 120℃
– IP Class: IP68


– Tool and Rental Equipment Tracking
– Energy Industry
– Containers & Yard Management
– Industrial Equipment

ISO18000-63 Rain RFID Sucker Tag

For further details, please email: Marketing@huayuansh.com 

Long Distance Rain RFID Sucker Tag
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