Promotion for 2017 new Year 6¢Powerful UHF Tag

6¢USD Omni-Direction RFID UHF Tag with 8 meters Read Range——HUAYUAN 2017 New Year Promotion

  • Best Price, Instant delivery
  • Claasic UHF tag for RFID Applications
  • 4D RFID Design with Omni-direction reading

UHF RFID self-adhesive tags are particularly designed for asset tracking, logistic , inventory management with long read range and upto thousands tags in one reading.  HUAYUAN offers RFID tag with world class production line from antenna deisgn, antenna etching, chip bonding, inserting and converting, to tag chip programming and printing.  Annually qualified 4 billions tags producting capability, HUAYUAN can had accumulated rich experience in RFID industry in West European and North America Market,  from antenna design, customized solution to mass prodution for top level RFID tag with competitive price and quality.

6¢Powerful UHF Tag    MOQ 10,000 ONLY

1.    Specification of Final Product

1.1    Appearance

front view
all measurements in:mm

1.2    Finished Product Dimension


1.3    Reel Detail

Reel detail

A: Web width : 84±1mm

B: Inner core diameter : 3’’(76.2±0.5mm)

C: Core thickness : 8±1mm

According to the actual situation



1.4   Product Structure

2.    Environment Requirement

Product quality guarantee period: upon 35 ~ 45℃ / 20% ~ 60% RH, using anti-static bag and evacuation for 1 year.

3.    Key features

Unmatched data integrity with Integra™ Technology
TagFocus™ mode suppresses previously read tags to enable capture of more tags
Scalable serialization built-in with Monza Self-Serialization

4.    Electrical Specification

5.    Use of warning

Do not use product with black mark on the surface, as shown in the following figure.

6.    Packaging

Reference format: four pieces core supported plates around single roll, appropriate quantity rolls in one carton.
Product description on the outside of each carton.
Quantities: product roll diameter less than 8’’, about 2,000±50 pcs / roll, 4 rolls / carton.(Subject to actual delivery format)

For further details about UHF tags, please email:

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