Plastic Holographic Wristband WO-06

Holographic Wristband for Events

What a wonderful way to shine at your festivals. Holographic wristband will impress all people by shining and sparkling in the night. Customized with your special logo or information for the most profound impression.

Plastic Holographic Wristband, sometimes referred to as hologram wristbands or glitter and metallic wristband.  It is another unique identification wristband style offered by HUAYUAN. The metallic effect holographic wristbands reflects light, creating a great sparkle at night. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Ideal for parties, VIP events, clubs and recommended for use of 1-3 days, Glitter and Metallic wristband come with a secure single use clip that means the wristband is non transferable (tamper evident). In addition the holographic wristband is water proof and tear proof.

Holographic wristband makes spotting paid guests easier than ever, as they are highly visible. You can also get custom plastic holographic wristband with your sponsor’s logos and branding, allowing the Holographic Wristbands to generate additional revenue for you while preventing counterfeits.

Size Options

Type 1 Size: 250*16mm
Type 2 Size: 250*25mm or Customization

Color options:

Holographic Wristband colors

Holographic Wristband colors options

Key Features

– Waterproof
– Sparkling Holographic pattern
– CMYK color printing design
– Smooth edge, good strength after closured
– Flexible order quantity requirement
– Fast delivery
– RFID optional

Target Application

– Cashless Payment
– Access Control & Security
– Keyless Entry
– Waterpark
– Promotion


– Custom logo
– Variable data or Tag UID laser engraved


– 13.56Mhz ISO15693: ICODE SLI/SLIX, I CODE SLIX-L/SLI-L, I CODE SLIX-S/SLI-S, Tag-it 2048, etc.
– 13.56Mhz ISO18082: NTAG210, NTAG212, NTAG213, NTAG215, NTAG216, Topaz512, etc.
– 13.56Mhz ISO14443A: MIFARE Classic ®, MIFARE Ultralight®, MIFARE Mini, MIFARE®DESFire®EV1, MIFARE Plus®, etc.

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13.56mhz NFC Holographic Wristband
Holographic Wristband for Festivals
13.56MHz Holographic Wristband
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