Pharmaceutical NFC Anti Counterfeit Label

HUAYUAN Pharmaceutical NFC Anti Counterfeit Label

Drug counterfeiting is a growing problem for both pharmaceutical manufacturers and the patients. Once it happens, the brand images, sales and revenue to manufacturers of these drugs experience damage. HUAYUAN build on rich experience to provide innovative anti tamper and security RFID NFC Anti Counterfeit Label that support you to protect consumers and safeguard your brand.

From destructible substrate, antenna and facestock, the HUAYUAN Pharmaceutical NFC Anti Counterfeit label is specifically designed to help pharmaceutical companies counter product tampering and counterfeiting while protecting consumers and the integrity of their brands.Suited for use in various applications, the NFC anti counterfeit label features special adhesive layers, Tamper Proof NFC Chips and other off the shelf solutions.

In the drug environment, not only minimizing the economical risk is of major importance – manipulated or fake pharmaceuticals can pose a significant risk. NFC Anti Counterfeit label developed by HUAYUAN can combine the following features in one label:

1. Destructible RFID tamper tag for biggest application in the world
2. Self adhesive security tamper proof design
3. Water proof, chemical proof, alcohol liquid proof
4. Heat resistant, cold resistant, razor resistant
5. Enable QR, barcode and variable data processes

Security Applications:

– Medical Devices
– Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare
– Tax Stamps
– Consumer Electronics
– Food and Beverage
– Wine and Spirits

Stable existence on the market, however, is also based on close cooperation with reliable partners. Most of all, reliable products are what we provide to gain and keep our customers’ trust.


–  13.56Mhz ISO18092: NTAG®213, NTAG®213 TT, NTAG®413 DNA
– 13.56Mhz ISO15693: ICODE ® SLIX, ICODE ® DNA

13.56MHz Pharmaceutical NFC Anti Counterfeit Label

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