Passive UHF RFID Tag

Passive UHF RFID Tag

Passive UHF RFID Tag is convenient for application to assets with limited surface area such as laptop computers, shelf-edge retail warehouse racks or other equipment requiring low-profile RFID tags. With outstanding performance-to-size ratio, it provides high-performance RFID tag identification in metallic or non-metallic environments with a read range of over 6m. It is encapsulated within a low-profile ruggedized rigid case, allowing it to perform well even in harsh environments.

Passive UHF RFID Tag provides maximum visibility for applications such as conveyances, pallets, large high-value assets and even vehicle tracking. It also offers high-performance RFID tag identification in metal or non-metal environments with over 6 Meters read range under 30dbm.

Meanwhile, Passive UHF RFID Tag can be attached to foam pad adhesive options,which allowing it to perform well even in harsh environment.

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Key Features:

High reliability and accuracy on any material in any environment
Outstanding performance-to-size ratio
Construction helmets and manufacturing equipment tracking
Returnable transport items tracking


-Material: ABS Plastic Housing
-Size options: 118 x 32 x 6.2mm; 118 x 33 x 12.1mm; 86 x 54 x 3.9mm; 86 x 53 x 3.0mm; 120 x 70 x 3.2mm; 120 x 70 x 4.5mm; 58 x 58 x 4.0mm; etc. or customization
-Frequency: 860Mhz ~ 960Mhz
-Chip Feature: H3, etc
-Installed methods: Manual, film or foam adhesive for options
-Customized Logo Printing: Silk screem printing or text printing with laser engraving. UID or serial number printing
-IP Rating: IP65

Variety of Passive UHF RFID Tag On Metal Environment For Optional:

Passive UHF RFID Tag


-Warehouse racks and storage
-Reusable conveyance and returnable transport items tracking

Please consults us if you have any customization requirements.

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ABS Plastic Housing UHF RFID tag

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