NFC NTAG212 Card

NTAG212 Card is designed to fully comply to NFC Forum Type 2 Tag and ISO/IEC14443 Type A specifications. NTAG® is a family of near-field communication wireless tag circuit integrated  products produced by NXP Semiconductors adhering to standards published by the NFC Forum. The mechanical and electrical specifications of this chip is tailored to meet the requirements of inlay and tag manufacturers.

NTAG212 has been developed by NXP Semiconductors as standard NFC tag ICs to be used in mass market applications such as retail, gaming and publishing, in combination with NFC devices or NFC compliant Proximity Coupling Devices.Target applications include Out-of-Home and print media smart advertisement, SoLoMo applications, product authentication, NFC shelf labels, mobile companion tags.

We could supply blank NTAG212 card and multiple printing crafts card.

NTAG212 card highly customizable and is ideal for:
– Rewards and loyalty systems, frequent buyer programs
– Contactless ID applications
– Public transportation
– E-Business cards

Depending on the NTAG212 card contents and the application used, NFC enabled phones can react to a card by:
– Calling a phone number and sending an sms text message or an email
– Opening a URL
– Showing pictures and playing videos, songs or tunes
– Liking something on Facebook or retweeting something on Twitter
– Adding a contact

– Identity
– Voucher and Coupons
– Smart Advertisement
– Information Collection and Exchange
– Connection Handover
– Transport
– Promotion


– Logo/Graphics/Photo
– Serial Number
– DOD Number
– Barcode Printing
– Overlay Foil
– Signature Panel
– Name Personalization
– Photo Personalization
– LoCo300
– HiCo2750
– Magstripe Encoding
– Hologram
– Security Printing
– Chip Encoding


NTAG212( NXP )

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HUAYUAN 13.56mhz NTAG212 Card Datasheet
NFC NTAG212 Card
NFC NTAG212 Card
NFC NTAG212 Card
NFC NTAG212 Card