Normal NFC Tag

NFC Tags can be entirely passive and require no power of their own. They have users store and retrieve data for years . NFC requires close proximity which can actually be an advantage in noisy environments.

This type of NFC tags use for normal environment,without metal objective.It can be stuck on flat and clean surfaces for tracking usage. These small tags are easy for taking and have almost unlimited applications in consumer goods and other areas.

We could also provide excellent printing protection with glossy thin overlay, laser engrave permanent numbering for every NFC tags. We use special glue developed  by 3M specialist for HUAYUAN NFC applications include tags and labels. There are many alternative and optional parts for customer enquiry of NFC tag.

Material: PVC
Dimension: 25mm X 25mm,  29mm X 29mm, 23mm X 45mm,40mm X 40mm,Dia 30mm/35mm/38mm/50mm etc or Customize

– Access & Time Attendency
– Mobile interactive application
– Consumer electronics
– Event Management
– Information collection and exchange
– Loyalty and coupons
– Cashless Payments
– Transport
– Promotion


– Logo
– Serial Number
– Laser Number or chip UID
– Chip Encoing
– Anti-metal layer
– 3M adhesive layer


– 13.56Mhz ISO14443A: NXP Mifare 1K, Mifare 4K, Mifare Utralight, Ultralight C, Mifare Desfire 2K/4K/8K, Mifare Plus, Fudan FM11RF08;
– 13.56Mhz ISO18092: NTAG203,NTAG213,NTAG215,NTAG216,Topaz512 etc
– 13.56Mhz ISO15693: ICODE SLI, Tag-it 2048

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