NFC Windshield Label

HUAYUAN NFC Windshield Label

HUAYUAN NFC Windshield Label is specially designed for secure and reliable vehicle identification. The RFID NFC windshield label is optimized to work on car windshield glass and suitable for automatic vehicle identification applications such as parking permit, access control, insurance information verification and road toll collection etc. The NFC tag cannot be removed and is non-transferable without being destroyed. 

Features and Benefits

1. Durable for harsh environment (stick inner glass): Withstand a big range of temperature, high humidity and condensates, wonderful electronic performance, aging resistance and UV endurance outdoor, chemical resist etc.
2. Anti-tamper security: Custom tamper proof design ensure tags are non-transferable without being destroyed.
3. Customization: Customized printing, dimension, structure, chip option, data encryption and variable data process etc.
4. Perfect RFID performance

Product Type

– Self stick RFID NFC windshield label
– Self stick double sides printing RFID NFC windshield label
– Reusable windshield plastic heat resistance card
– Secure tamper proof designs


– Vehicle Registration
– Access Control Identification
– Fleet Management
– Tolling Management

Stable existence on the market, however, is also based on close cooperation with reliable partners. Most of all, reliable products are what we provide to gain and keep our customers’ trust.

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RFID NFC Windshield Label
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