NFC Temperature Logger Tag

HUAYUAN NFC Temperature Logger Tag

HUAYUAN’s NFC Temperature Logger Tag is a battery-powered and cost effective tag system for accurately logging temperature data in supply chain applications. The combination of the high resolution sensor, the large memory size and the standard RFID interface permit to realize effective track and traceable solutions for the cold-chain.

NFC Temperature Logger Tag is engineered to perform in different supply chain environments, accurately detect and record temperature changes. Moreover, it provides trip-level temperature visibility with easily accessible data for consumer and last-mile deliveries.

The NFC Temperature Logger Tag is equipped with an embedded temperature sensor, NFC inlay, real-time clock and data store. There are different label options available upon request with a choice of adhesives and materials, to which customized graphics or logos may be applied.

13.56MHz NFC Temperature Logger Tag













– Slim, light, flexible curvature integration sticker
– NFC / RFID contactless Read by mobile device
– Disposable and eco-friendly, DGM certificate
– Traceable data from producer till end user
– Consumer participatory tag trigger

Technical Parameter Specification

– Data Storage Time: > 10 Years
– Service Life: 1 Years
– Temperature Accuracy: ± 0.5 °C
– Resolution: > 1 second to 4 hours
– Recording Mode: Continuous / out of limit
– Reading Distance: < 5cm by NFC; Max. < 80cm by ISO15693
– Unique Identification Code: 64 Bits
– Storage Temperature: -40°C ~ +85°C
– Working Temperature: -35°C ~ +65°C
– Working Frequency: 13.56 MHz
– Protocol: ISO-15693, NFC
– Operating Mode: Passive
– Typical Size: 84.6 x 53.9mm, ISO 7810
– Thickness: < 1.0mm

NFC Temperature Logger Tag Structures

– Invisible sensor in the tag
– Wireless data communication by NFC or RFID
– Programmable controller of tracing and configuration
– Thin paper battery for active tracking
– Tamper proof disposable design


– Pharmacy, Vaccine, Medicinal Substances
– Fresh Food, Wine and Alcohol
– Flowers and Lives
– Temperature Sensitive Products

RFID NFC Temperature Logger Tag









Optional Solutions

1. Bi-Frequency alternative by UHF for logistic and NFC for consumer applications.
2. Tamper evident design for high value brand products protection.

Please consult us if you have detailed customized requirements, email:

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