NFC and mobile interactive application in Chinese fast food order system

NFC mobile interactive program

NFC and mobile interactive application in Chinese fast food order system.

As most popular IM in mobile phone in China, even in Asia, Wechat was rolling out over 300 Million in only two year in breath-taking speed by Trencent, who successes for decade-old instant messaging that thoroughly dominates the space.With mobile interactive and NFC getting more popular in world, in China, there are some applications of promotion, loyalty management, and payment had emerged in the market.

Here is a introduction of Chinese fast food APP in fast food order system.

Base on Chinese huge popular, it will be pressed for time in lunch hour in CBD and some business area in most of Chinese city.Thousands upon thousands people move around street for a working lunch only in one and half of hour, it is also so challenge to satisfy the people efficiently every day.Shanghai Huayuan Electronic had focused NFC and mobile interactive program, keep closed relationship with various client and partner to push the NFC and RFID technology in reality.

Now HAUYUAN ELECTRONIC try work with many mobile application embedding NFC , QR barcode priority to upgrade system to meet requirement in market with experience in this area. To avoid many difference editions in iOs, Android in hundred type of mobile phone, which will block wider potential client into system, Wechat can be a uniform platform with can developed which can be exactly a HTML format webpage.

Here is a brief introduction for a fast food remote order or food delivery, and order in restaurant.

Order manal in “ Wechat”.

Order for Sweet tea.

Order can be remote delivery order or order in restaurant.

A form to input address for delivery.

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