MIFARE Plus X 2K Transpoder

MIFARE Plus X 2K Card provides end-user solution providers with a seamless upgrade of existing infrastructure and services with low cost procedures. This new MIFARE product has been developed and supported by card and reader manufacturers and solution developers, and is the only MIFARE Classic-compatible mainstream smart card IC featuring pre-issuance of cards prior to infrastructure changes. Migrate classic contactless smart card systems to the next security level! MIFARE Plus brings benchmark security to mainstream contactless smart card applications. It is the only mainstream IC compatible with MIFARE Classic 1K (MF1ICS50) and MIFARE Classic 4K (MF1ICS70) which offers an upgrade path for existing infrastructure.

This member of the MIFARE Plus family is supported by leading system integrators. It offers more flexibility to optimize the command flow for speed and confidentiality. It offers a rich feature set including proximity checks against relay attacks.
Standard Features
?2 Kbytes EEPROM
?Simple fixed memory structure compatible with MIFARE Classic (MIFARE Mini. MIFARE 1K. MIFARE 4K)
?Memory structure as in MIFARE 4k (sectors. blocks)
?Unique serial number (4 bytes or 7 bytes)
?Multi-sector authentication
?Multi-block read
?Anti-tear function for writing AES keys
?Keys can be stored as MIFARE Classic keys (2 x 48 bit per sector) or AES keys (2 x 128 bit per sector)
?Access conditions freely configurable
?Number of single write operations: 200.000
?Supports ISO/IEC 14443 Type A UIDs (7-byte), optional support of random IDs
?Communication speed up to 848 Kbps
?Access conditions freely configurable
?Multi-sector authentication, Multi-block read and write
?AES-128 used for authenticity and integrity
?Anti-tearing mechanism for writing AES keys
?Basic support of virtual card concept
?Number of single write operations: 200000 cycles (typical)
?Common Criteria Certification: EAL4+

Typical Applications
Advanced public transportation
E-Government incl. social services
Loyalty systems
Access management such as employee, school or campus cards
Electronic toll collection
Closed loop micro payment
Car parking
Internet cafe

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