Let Us Talk About NFC 2

What is an NFC Tag ?

Most of NFC tags are a really small memory device, but it can be more big or more high security chip built in, with an antenna attached so it can exchange data wirelessly. No batteries need, it gets all it’s power supplier from just being close to the mobile phone, and wake up chip and read or write data within on fifth of one second. It can be a sticker commonly; perhaps the size of a postage stamp, and it also be embedded into cards, key fobs, wristbands and lots of other things.  HUAYUAN Electronic had begun to offer NFC products in global market from 2008,in Europe market for a famous promotion projects. As more than 10 years’ experience in RFID and smart card technology and smart card industrial.


The NFC Chip

NFC technology is a branch base on RFID technology, all NFC chip is in fact of standard of RFID chip. NFC tag can be explain as a special data format compliance with NFC forum defined. So the core of NFC tag , sticker all any products are NFC chip ( integrated circuit of RFID), These tiny electronic devices store your information and control how it can be accessed.


NFC IC Types

Different NFC chips have different sizes of memory and different memory configurations. This affects the amount of information you can store on certain chips but it also affects how the chip can be locked and other very important factors. NXP semiconductors as the funder of NFC forum, had leading RFID /NFC technology for many years. You and find a suitable chip from NFC chips list can meet your requirement in memory or security for your project.


Choosing your NFC IC

HUAYUAN Electronic can produce NFC tag or sticker with MF1, Ultralight, MF1 Ultralight-C, MF1 Standard (Classic) 1K, Desfire 4k and the new NTAG203 chips. The table below should give you some idea of which is best for your needs. For more information on each item, or any suggestion or support, please feel free to write to us at info@huayuansh.com


For further details, email Marketing@huayuansh.com

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