LED Vibration Wristband WLV-02

LED Vibration Wristband

HUAYUAN creates custom fun LED Wristband which contains three types: sonic-activated, vibration-activated and controller-activated. The LED Vibration Wristband flashes to the beat of loud music.

Sonic-Activated LED Wristband is responsive to the music and sounds of your events without any extra control required. Each wristband has a switch, and when it is turned on will respond to sound automatically. Either a single color or multi-color LED is optional available.

Vibration-Activated LED Vibration Wristband is responsive to the shaking of the wearer. Each wristband has a switch and when turned on will activate automatically. Comfortable all-silicone options available making this a perfect addition to live events, live music festivals which makes your life fun.

Controller-Activated LED Wristband is remoted by a wireless controller in 100m to 500m space. Each wristband has a switch and when turned on will activate automatically. A perfect addition to your give away collection at a trade show or expo, simply turn on to light up!


HUAYUAN LED Vibration Wristband with battery and LED lighting embedded can be flashing or alternately glowing with several colors triggered by mini switch, or by sound, or by vibration or remoted by a wireless controller in 100 to 500 meter space.

LED Vibration Wristband is a great solution for live events,live music etc. Put up your hands, the wristband will lighting in nightclubs, parties, bars and at music festivals, make your life more fun.

LED Vibration Wristband WLV-02 Features:

– Material: Silicone
– Dimension: 65mm or customized
– Color Options: Red, yellow, green, blue etc.
– Protection Class: IP68
– Operating Temperature: -30℃ ~ 80℃
– Storage Temperature: -25℃ ~ 140℃
– Battery Type: CR2032
– Flash Methods: By Vibration
– Warranty : 1 Year


– Laser Engrave Printing
– Silk Screen Printing
– Embossed
– Laser UID

For further details, email Marketing@huayuansh.com

LED Vibration Wristband
Silicone LED Vibration Wristband
LED Vibration Wristband for events
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