Indy R2000 RAIN UHF Module

HUAYUAN Indy R2000 RAIN UHF Module Series

Indy R2000 RAIN UHF Module was inserted into S-8600, S-8800 Fixed reader with high performance, Which can be customed frequency like ETSI, FCC etc.based on your specific project request.

When used in the Indy R2000 Development Platform, which includes an example protocol processor and radio control implementation, the result is a fully functional UHF Gen 2 RFID reader with market leading performance.


1. Based on Indy R2000 chip
2. High performance anti-collision algorithm
3. Optimized algorithm for a little of tags
4. Dual CPU architecture
5. Two inventory modes
6. Hardware system halt detection
7. Low operation voltage
8. Low power consumption
9. PA health surveillance
10. 18000-6B/C full compatible
11. 18000-6B large data read/write
12. Antenna connection detection
13. High power LED driver
14. Excellent on board power system
15. Multi-board temperature sensor
16. Dual backup power output correction
17. Concise and effective command system
18. Excellent thermal design

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R2000 Reader Module

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R2000 Reader Module

Evaluation Kit

M-2600 Evaluation Kit:

R2000 Reader Module R2000 Reader Module

M-2800 Evaluation Kit:

R2000 Reader Module R2000 Reader Module

M-2900 Evaluation Kit:

R2000 Reader Module R2000 Reader Module

◆ When the temperature, measured by the ambient temperature measurement function, exceeds 60°C, please do not keep the device working at full capacity.
◆ Please connect the device to heat sink when it continuously work at full load.
◆ Supply voltage must not exceed 5V, otherwise it will damage the internal protection circuit.
◆ Be cautious if set RF output power over 30dBm, as the peak current and internal temperature will increase significantly.

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