HYU DR61 UHF inlay/ PVC Card

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Best Performance Antenna for ISO Card, 12 meters reader range MOQ 50,000 Pre-printed, or Blank UHF Card Inlay.

HYU DR61 UHF Card Inlay

is globle frequency UHF RFID inlay compliance with EPC global Class 1 Gen 2 and ISO 18,000-63. The inlay shows unprecedented performance,which is the best Performance Antenna  for  ISO Card with 12 meters reader range. It features a 96 bit EPC number.

Key features

-Best Performance Antenna for ISO Card,12 meters reader range
-Unmatched data integrity with Integra™ Technology
-TagFocus™ mode suppresses previously read tags to enable capture of more tags
-Scalable serialization built-in with Monza Self-Serialization

Electrical specifications

UHF Card Inlay
IC memory may vary due to the type of chip

Delivery formats

Available formats: Dry, wet, tag
Quality: 100% tested with out-of-tolerance inlay marked
Inner core diameter: 76 mm/3 inch

Read Range

UHF Card Inlay

The graphs are indicative: performance in real life applications may vary. The data has been determined based on calculations for transmitters with a 36dBm EIRP output power level.

For further details, please email: Marketing@huayuansh.com

UHF Card Inlay
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