Hologram Card

Customized Hologram Card

Hologram card with a hologram trademark is a non-conventional trademark where a hologram is used to perform the trademark function of uniquely identifying the commercial origin of products or services. Hologram card (also known as Holographic card, holofoil card or simply as foil card) is a popular type of cards for TCG trading cards or sports cards. It is essentially a wafer thin layer of rainbow foil skillfully applied onto a card before putting it through to print.

Creation and reproduction of holograms are exclusively performed by a small number of industrial companies. The techniques employed are complex and use very rigorous procedures. Holograms, therefore, standing as a dependable solution for printing secured badges and cards. No material is required to control the genuineness of a hologram, which can quickly and reliably be performed.

HUAYUAN has rich experience and know how in card manufacture for almost two decades. HUAYUAN has been producing millions cards monthly not only in domestic market but also for European and USA market. Our responsible engineers and workers keep every piece of card in good quality control and properly performance in every corner of the world.

Hologram Card Standard Features:

– Material: PVC, PET, ABS, PET etc
– Dimension: 86 x 54mm or customized
– Surface Option: Gloss, matt
– Thickness: 0.76mm or customized
– Housing: Lamination
– Storage Temperature: -20℃ to +70℃
– Operating Temperature: -15℃ to +60℃

Hologram Card Applications:

– Membership Loyalty System
– Promotion
– Hotel Locks
– Payment


– Logo/Graphics/Photo
– Serial Number
– DOD Number
– Barcode Printing
– Overlay Foil
– Signature Panel
– Name Personalization
– Photo Personalization
– LoCo300, 650oe
– HiCo2750, 4000oe
– Magstripe Encoding
– Hologram
– Security Printing

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