HUAYUAN RFID Solution for Healthcare

Healthcare is a complicated industry for operating, which includes the identification, regulating,tracking and documenting etc. As an efficient and secure way, RFID solutions for medicalcare not only stimulate the economic advancement but also provide the enormous support for the healthcare processes. RFID is now generating significant interest in the marketplace because of its robust application capabilities.


Due to a variety of reasons, adoption of RFID technology by the medicalcare industry has been sluggish these years. One the one hand, the payback is less immediately visible than what most companies prefer; On the other hand, many companies are reluctant to invest in a technology which has not yet widely adopted.

However, the proper protocols and the use of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology in medicalcare industry is emerging at a fast rate, which could prevent outbreaks by ensuring instruments are properly tracked and classified. Moreover, RFID applications can provide significant benefits to the healthcare industry to ensure patient safety and improve supply chain efficiency because it operates without line-of-sight while providing read/write capabilities for dynamic item tracking.

HUAYUAN offers a range of RFID products for Medicalcare applications

RFID Lables
Printable Wristband