Destructible RFID Antenna

HUAYUAN Destructible RFID Antenna

Destructible RFID antenna can be used to make it impossible to be removed in one piece – increasing the security features of the tags. RFID usually as a symbol identifies a specific item or a person, therefore there is risk or weakness when a tag installed on an item be diverted or counterfeited.

The innovative destructible RFID antenna tag combines RFID technology with special materials and converting processes to prevent unexpected tag transfer or original tag replacement. Custom information can be read and encoded by RFID Readers. Anti tamper tags can be made with special materials, adhesives, printing and encoding techniques. The destructible RFID antenna is widely used for brand protection: wines, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, electronic consumer products, apparels, documents and other applications.


– Tamper proof, tamper evident, anti counterfeit applications
– Brand protection and product authentication
– Original artwork confirmation
– Healthcare: medical and pharmaceuticals
– Supply chain, inventory and logistics
– Smart package
– Lot management
– Sales and retail inventory
– Vehicle registration
– Lot Access / Control

Below is detailed Specification for your reference:

– Chip options: Any passive RFID chip working on HF (high frequency) or UHF (Ultra-high frequency)
– Antenna: Etching
– Aluminum antenna on PET substrate or customized material
– Total Thickness:
Destructible AL Etching Antenna
* PET substrate: 50µm±2µm; Total: 67µm±5µm(UHF)
* PET substrate: 38µm±2µm; Total: 85µm±5µm(HF)

Transferable Destructible Antenna
* PET substrate: 50µm±2µm; Total: 76µm±5µm(UHF)
* PET substrate: 38µm±2µm; Total: 64µm±5µm(HF)

– Peel Strength: 90 degree peel strength tester
* Destructible AL Etching Antenna: Max.peel strength ≤3.0N
* Transferable Destructible Antenna: Max.peel strength ≤0.9N

– Antenna Specifications:
* GAP etching line space tolerance: ±0.5mm
* Antenna edge to PET edge: ±0.1mm
* Pitch tolerance: MD:±0.5%*Pitch mm
* CD: ±0.2mm
* Gap of Pad area: ±0.05mm
* Etching line with tolerance:±0.05mm
* Edge serrated margin: ≤60µm

For further details, please

Destructible RFID Antenna for tamper proof function

Destructible RFID Antenna for brand protection

HUAYUAN Destructable RFID Tag Datasheet

Destructable RFID Antenna
Destructable RFID Antenna
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