Confirming UID code format in Card Personalization

Ascertaining your definite tansfer Format of UID Code in physical personalization in Card Production.

There is an unique code to every electronic digital entity of chip, which is the “UID” code, a read only code with various lengths’ byte in every piece of smart card, RFID, NFC or reader module.
All applications identify every individual with UID code in card or tag, which correlates the person or article in the information database.
An awkward situation occasionally happened case by diffident transfer in UID transformations, in technical specking it different from MSB (the most Significant Bit ) and LSB ( the Least Significant Bit ), the result is UID code is totally different between physical printed and code in system database or on display of terminal.
The only way is a physical card /tag with UID sign on delivery to engineers in RFID manufactory for code format confirmation.
With NFC mobile phone had been widely covered global market, this situation can be more easy to avoid in minutes.  Here is our experience which had successfully applied for two years.
1, install an android APP “TAG INFO” from Google play ( On your NFC mobile phone, which is developed by NXP.

2, Turn your NFC mobile phone with NFC function “on” by “Setting” – “More Setting” -” NFC” “switch on”.

3, Tap an RFID/NFC tag/card by back side of mobile phone,  running “NFC tag info”,

4, UID will show in list when touch “TAG information” button.
5, So,as the example above UID in MSB ” cc 1f 5f 89″ in HEX, and Decimal is “3424608137”.
If found the decimal code need to be” 2304712652″, UID must in LSB,” 89 5f 1f cc” in HEX.
There are divers formation of UID transformation, but it will be settled down when confirmation from operation by this way.

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