COMBO Key Tag Card K5

Plastic COMBO Key Tag Card K5

COMBO Key Tag Card K5- Plastic Card Plus 2 Plastic Key Tag is a 3.375″ x 2.125″ card with two 1.125″ x 2.125″ key tag. It is available in full color with no printing on the back 4/0, or printing or barcode on the back 4/4. Key tags and combo key tag card k5 are perfect for loyalty card and membership card programs, as well as other card applications.We can custom make any card any size, from luggage tags to custom shapes, postcards, key chain cards, custom packages with any combination of cards. Some people like to think out of the box, and we can help you with that.

The unique plastic key tags are very popular with churches, gyms, Spas and other membership rewards and loyalty programs. Available with barcodes and scratch-off’s for easy attendance and discounts tracking. If you own or manage a restaurant, grocery store, gym, retail shop or membership-driven business, combo cards are ideal. In addition to loyalty programs, you can also use key tag cards (aka plastic key fobs) as promotional items, VIP event tickets, membership key tags, and more. We have the ability to print barcode key tags and plastic cards, as well as magnetic stripes.

Standard Features:
– Material: PVC, PET, PETG, etc
– Dimensions: 86 x 54mm + 28 x 54mm + 28 x 54mm or customized
– Surface Option: Gloss, matt
– Thickness: 0.76mm
– Housing: Lamination
– Warranty : 1 Year
– Storage Temperature: -20℃ and +70℃
– Operating Temperature: -15℃ and +60℃
– Punch Hole : Dia3mm,4mm,5mm for optional

– Membership Loyalty System
– Promotion


– Logo/Graphics/Photo
– Serial Number
– DOD Number
– Barcode Printing
– Overlay Foil
– Signature Panel
– Name Personalization
– Silicone Strap
– Black Strap
– Metal Keyring


– No RFID chip inside
– RFID chip inside

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combo key TAG card k5
combo key TAG card k5
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