Brand Protection RFID

Successful brands is established by years of product development, marketing, public relations and all the related expenses etc. With all these efforts, companies take all possible steps in brand protection take for granted.

One of the biggest risks that any successful brand faces is someone produce a replica product using their styling, or designs.The manufacturers work so hard to combat the counterfeiters is to protect their brands, reputation for their quality products. RFID technology enhances not only brand protection but also cusumers’ shopping experience. It provides transparency, tamper proof, cost savings and optimization along the supply chain, tracking products from the supplier to the consumer.

HUAYUAN Anti Counterfeit RFID Tag used for brand protection from counterfeiters by uniquely designs which detect whether the capsule has been removed and replaced, and ensure that no packages have been opened and the product inside potentially replaced. The Anti Tamper RFID Tag not only ensures the authenticity of the product, but it can be used with an app to promote it. It’s help you to identify whether or not the product you bought is real or not. HUAYUAN is experienced in working with many famous companies in RFID brand protection solutions.

HUAYUAN offers a range of Brand Protection RFID products:

– NFC Anti Counterfeit Label
– Flexible NFC Label
– Temperature Logger NFC Tag
– BeeTag RAIN RFID Label
– BeeTag RAIN Tamper Proof Tag

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