Asset Tracking and Supply Chain

HUAYUAN Asset Tracking and Supply Chain

Asset Tracking

Asset Tracking and Supply Chain









Using RFID-based Asset Management systems make sure that basic information and continuous traceability is made available at each moment. RFID technology creates transparency to ensure continuous optimization in compliance with legal regulations and standards. Asset tracking applications will see a strong growth curve in the coming years.

HUAYUAN offers a range of RFID products for mobile and stationary Asset Tracking applications:
Asset tracking enables companies to uniquely identify any object by affixing or embedding an RFID tag. RFID Tracked assets enable workflow optimizations, real-time inventory management or location services and help reduce human error.

With an asset tagging and tracking solution from HUAYUAN, organizations are able to track and manage assets.

If an out-of-the-box solution is not available for your application or doesn’t quite fit your requirements, HUAYUAN can custom develop an asset tracking solution based on your needs.

Asset Tag & Tracking Applications:
– Equipment
– Cables
– Pallets
– Parts
– Tools
– Vehicle……

Supply Chain

Asset Tracking and Supply Chain










The need for real-time inventory at all stages is a continuous requirement for all Logistics, IT Managers and Operators involved in the Supply Chain.

Since the early stages of its development, RAIN RFID technology has been trialed and piloted in supply chain, providing an answer to the most challenging issues in the field.

The process automation achieved by the RAIN RFID technology can increase enormously the performances in the Supply Chain, by optimizing order fulfillment, flow time, reduction of out-of-stock and promotions.

The following is a list of RFID products used in Supply Chain and relevant case studies.

Supply Chain Applications:
– Logistics
– Inventory management

HUAYUAN offers interesting RFID hardware products designed for Asset Tracking & Supply Chain applications.

– RFID Industry Tag
– RFID Label
– RFID Reader

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