Wine & Spirit Anti Tamper NFC Tag

HUAYUAN Wine & Spirit Anti Tamper NFC Tag

Counterfeiting is a growing problem as the market for high-cost wines expands. When wineries and spirit companies export their high value products, the beverages are exported to be the same ones consumed by buyers. However, thanks to counterfeiters, that’s not always the case. In some cases, counterfeiters use an empty bottle and fill it with low-value wines, seal the bottle and sell it as a a new product from the wine maker. Therefore, HUAYUAN developed Anti Tamper NFC Tag to determine if the bottle has been opened.

HUAYUAN Anti Tamper NFC Tag used to protect winery’s brand from counterfeiters by uniquely designs which detect whether the capsule has been removed and replaced, and ensure that no bottles have been opened and their wine potentially replaced. The Anti Tamper NFC Tag not only ensures the authenticity of a bottle of wine, but it can be used with an app to promote the product. It’s help you to identify whether or not that bottle has been opened. HUAYUAN is experienced in working with wine companies selling multiple bottles per month. Special features that can be combined in a customer-specific solution:

1. Destructible NFC tag in high security
2. Rich experience for millions RFID tamper tags
3. Flexible design embedded NFC label in cap
4. Strictly confidential for our projects

Security Applications

– Medical Devices
– Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare
– Tax Stamps
– Consumer Electronics
– Food and Beverage
– Wine and Spirits


–  13.56Mhz ISO18092: NTAG®213, NTAG®213 TT, NTAG®413 DNA
– 13.56Mhz ISO15693: ICODE ® SLIX, ICODE ® DNA
– Dual Frequency: EM4423

13.56MHz Anti Tamper NFC Tag

Stable existence on the market, however, is also based on close cooperation with reliable partners. Most of all, reliable products are what we provide to gain and keep our customers’ trust.

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