13.56MHz MIFARE Reader HYD-01

13.56MHz MIFARE Reader HYD-01

13.56MHz MIFARE Reader HYD-01 is a on-desk MIFARE card reader with excellent design and performance. With very low power consumption, the reader is power supplied by the computer.

13.56MHz MIFARE Reader HYD-01 is based on the RFID Protocol ISO14443A, Which can be read the serial number of the card, contact with the controller through RS232/RS485 interface.

The reader is widely used in the access control, loyalty system etc.

HUAYUAN had rich experience and know how in card lamination and smart chip card and RFID cards production with our R&D capability for more than one decade. HUAYUAN‘s technical team also focuses on smart card read device to offer high cost effective readers to market.

13.56MHz MIFARE Reader HYD-01 Tech Spec.:

-RF Frequency: 13.56 MHz
-RF Distance: Up to 8 cm
-DC Power: 12 V/100 mA
-RS232: 19200,N,8,1
-Interface: RS 232
-Card Type: ISO 14443A MIFARE® Classic/MIFARE Utralight® EV1
-RTC: Yes
-Battery Backup: Yes/10 years
-Dimension: 120 x 78 x 25mm
-Housing: ABS
-Color: Champagne, Black or custom
-Operating Temperature: -10 °C to 60 °C
-Operating Relative Humidity: 10% to 90%

High security and reliability
Fast data transfer
High data integrity
NFC compatible


-Access controls
-Admission control
-Master and user authentication control
-Time and attendance
-Pre-payment parking /meal coupon


– Interface: RS232,RS485,USB, etc
– Data format: LSB, MSB, 10 Hex, 8 HEX, 10 Dec…optional customized


– 13.56Mhz ISO14443A chips:  MIFARE Classic® 1K/ MIFARE Classic® 4K/ MIFARE Utralight® EV1/FM11RF08 etc.

For further details, email Marketing@huayuansh.com

13.56MHz MIFARE Reader HYD-01
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