125KHz Long Rang Reader HYA-05

125KHz Long Rang Reader HYA-05

125KHz Long Rang Reader HYA-05 is a low cost and high performance proximity reader for reading ID code from EM4200 or compatible read-only tags.

It features an extended reading range up to 90-100 cm. It is ideally suited to be applied in automatic parking system, personal identification, access control and production control systems etc.

HUAYUAN had rich experience for RFID EM Reader and know how in card lamination and smart chip card and RFID card production with our R&D capability for more than one decade. HUAYUAN‘s technical team also focuses on smart card read device to offer high cost effective readers to market.

– High sensitivity and reliable performance;
– Built-in transceiver antenna for max. performance ;
– Maximum effective distance up to 90-100cm
– Less than 100ms decoding time;
– Low power dissipation with single power supply;
– Built-in buzzer and external LED control;

Power Requirements: Linear regulated 12VDC at 300mA typical, 500mA max.
Interface: RS232
Max. Read Range: 90-100cm (with special 125Khz long range card)
Frequency: 125Khz typical / EM4200 or compatible
RFID card requirement: High Q 125K long range Read only card
Audio/visual Indication: Buzzer output with external LED control
Operating Temp: 0°C -70°C
Dimension: 230 x 230 x 35mm

Interface Description

125KHz Long Rang Reader HYA-05


Band Rate : 9600,N,8,1

Power supply requirement
-Linear regulated type external DC power supply
-Voltage Output : + 12V DC +/- 5% at 2A typical


125KHz Long Rang Reader HYA-05


-Automatic parking system
-Personal identification
-Access control
-Production control system

For further details, emailMarketing@huayuansh.com

125KHz Long Rang Reader HYA-05
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