RFID Label Tag are particularly designed for item tracking and management as they are durable, flexible, abrasion resistant, solvent resistant and have great read/write performance. Our RFID labels can be custom made and programmed to match your system and can be made available with your logo and message.

With the ability to withstand outdoor weather, harsh environments and high impact. Our RFID Label Tag will benefit you most in difficult applications. We accept orders for blank, pre-printed or pre-encoded RFID labels.

RFID Label Tag combine a variety of inlays (each having a unique chip, bonding wire, and antenna) with a variety of printable materials to make them suitable for a wide range of applications in a wide range of environments. Our smart labels come readily designed to work with a variety of RFID printers. Talk to one of our RFID experts to ensure the RFID equipment you operate is compatible.

RFID Label Tag Business Range:

RFID Antenna
Destructable RFID Antenna
RFID Inlay
RFID Tamper Proof Inlay
RFID Labels
UHF Aviation Luggage Tag
Heat Resistant RFID Tags
RFID Apparel Tag
RFID Woven Labels
RFID Windshield Tag
RFID Seal Tags
On Metal UHF Tag
Printable UHF Anti-Metal Tag

Our Advantage:
– RFID technology experience over 2 decades in design and manufacturing;
– RFID antenna researching and design with etching, copper winding for customized performance and specifications;
– Inserting, converting, encapsulation for diverse environments and applications;
– Various RFID label designs for HF, NFC, UHF
– HF, NFC, UHF antennas with customized designs available
– Word class quality with fast and stable product delivery
– Competitive price and high quality products for the European and the USA market
– Comprehensive manufacturing ability for customize design
– World top level inserting and covert equipment for first class inlay
– Offered billions of inlays for top level RFID projects
– Reputation for delivering the highest and consistent quality RFID products
– High speed production for 1 billion production capability
– Precise frequency and coherence for high quality antenna
– Professional R&D for Inlay Design
– HACTag design RF NFC inlay for anti-counterfeit purposes on wine bottles, pharmaceutical containers, documents, packages and industrial asset tracking;
– Pressure sensitive RF NFC tags, customized RFID label design in Roll packaging;

If you are looking for a specific RFID Label Tag product and it is not on our website. Please contact us via email or phone to discuss your business needs :  Marketing@huayuansh.com

HUAYUAN RFID Inlay label Collection
Higgs 4 UHF Inlay