RFID EM Long Rang Reader HYA-05

HUAYUAN had rich experience and know how in card lamination and smart chip card and RFID cardS production with our R&D capability for more than one decade. HUAYUAN’s technical team also focuses on smart card read device to offer high cost effective readers to market.

HYA-05, with automatic tuning and digital signal processing, the advantage are increased reading distance and decreased electromagnet oscillation and disturbance. HYA-05 reader is made in an all seal condition, so it can subdue the disturbance to the lowest. Because temperature can influence the precision of wireless tuning, so this reader installed a high automatic tuning equipment, automatic tuned ever 10 minutes.

RFID EM Long Rang Reader HYA-05 Features:
– It is connect controller
– Protocols Supported: 125KHz, Manchester coding, 64 clocks per bit
– Dimension: 230 x 230 x 35mm
– Color: Black

– Park
– Payment
– Loyalty System

For further details, emailMarketing@huayuansh.com

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