ICODE SLIX-S IC is a dedicated chip for smart label applications with the need for a higher security level, larger memory and/or a product which takes care of the increasing demand for perfect customer privacy. This IC is the third generation of a product family of smart label ICs based on the ISO standards ISO/IEC 15693 and ISO/IEC 18000-3, prolonging a successful story of NXP in the field of vicinity identification systems.

We supply blank Icode SLIX-S cards and pre-printed card.

– Contactless transmission of data and supply energy (no battery needed)
– Operating distance: up to 1.5 m (depending on antenna geometry)
– Operating frequency: 13.56 MHz (ISM, world-wide licence freely available)
– Fast data transfer: up to 53 kbit/s
– High data integrity: 16-bit CRC, framing
– True anticollision
– Password protected Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS)
– Password protected Application Family Identifier (AFI)
– Data Storage Format IDentifier (DSFID)
– ENABLE PRIVACY command with 32-bit Privacy password
– DESTROY SLIX-S command with 32-bit Destroy password
– Additional fast anticollision read
– Write distance equal to read distance

Icode SLIX-S Smart Card Key Features:
– Card dimensions: 86 x 54mm
– Thickness: 0.84~0.86mm
– Material: PVC, PET, ABS,PET etc
– Surface: lamination (gloss/mate)
– Chip: Icode SLIX-S (original)
– Frequency: 13.56MHz
– RF Protocol: ISO 15693 / ISO 18000-3
– Data storage time: minimum 10 years
– Operating temperature: -20 to +60°C
– Stockage temperature: -20 to +65°C
– Package: 250pcs per Inner Box; 5000pcs per Carton, each Carton gross weight is 35kgs

– Liabrary Management
– Ski Ticketing
– Document Tracking


– Offset Printing
– Silk Screen Printing
– UV Printing
– LoCo300
– HiCo2750
– Magstripe Encoding
– DOD Printing
– Thermal Printing
– Embossing
– Hologram
– Encoding


Icode SLIX-S (original)

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HUAYUAN 13.56mhz I CODE SLIX-L Card Datasheet
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