RFID Technology is already used for events such as exhibitions and conferences to record the participants as well as for big public events as in sport stadiums and all other public events so as concerts, shows etc.


RFID enabled tags or tickets help to automate the Registration and Check-in process. RFID Technology makes the Check-in process much faster and more convenient for the customers. Specially in Ski resorts RFID enabled tickets allow the hands free access to ski lifts.

Using RFID technology in Event Management applications support also marketing offerings, enhance attendee analysis, and add value to lead generation and sales activities. RFID enabled tickets can help also to solve the problems of counterfeit tickets in event ticketing.

Beyond the time and cost savings achieved, this application highlights efficiency of using RFID technology to a broad group of users.

HUAYUAN offers a range of RFID products for Event Management applications:

RFID Tickets
RFID Labels