Multi-function Android 6.0 ORCA- 50 Handheld Data Terminal UHF Reader

UHF handheld reader  (ORCA-50 ) is a IP64 industrial-grade handheld reader, with GPS,WIFI, Bluetooth, 3G,4G standard function, can add 1D, 2D barcode, fingerprint, UHF function. The accessories include battery and Charger&USB Data Cable.

This UHF handheld readers can be used to different applications, such as warehouse management, clothes management, library management and animals management,etc.


-High Performance Computing Platform
-Android 6.0
-Top Class Materials
-Industrial Grade Components
-Ultra Long Operating Time
-High End UHF RFID Engine
-Outstanding Industrial Design
-Excellent Mechanical Protection,IP64


f1UHF handheld readerf3


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