Creative solution for NFC business card

Almost 90 percent of people who know none of NFC, even they had used intelligent mobile phone a couple of years.
Don’t believer? Please follow me as below, open your android mobile phone, press setting, if you found NFC in “More Setting?”, then you may found NFC lied in there in silent for long time in your pocket!!

NFC had more power beyond your imagination, Today; I will tell you first fundamental performance: NFC business card,it mean you only tap a NFC mobile phone on a NFC name card, all digital data transmit to your contact list in 1 second, you name, number, email, Skype, website, whatever in the memory of chip of name card.
HUAYUAN had a package of very easy solution for you that can let you make your own NFC business card and challenge your creation by made a colorful printed name card on your LASER PRINTER! It is a unique card different from any other in the world!

That is beginning story of HUAYUAN NFC, it you need NFC in your daily life, in your business work,
or a creative solution in your work, you will be welcome to consult us by

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