Alien Higgs 3 or Higgs 4 UHF Inlay

Higgs® 3
Class leading sensitivity provided with a large memory capacity (512 bits);
Useful in solutions that may not be permanently connected to a network/internet;
EPC is expandable from 96 bits to as much as 480 bits.

Higgs® 4
The industry’s highest performing, mass-market optimized, RFID IC;
Fully optimized for mass-market and retail applications;
Next generation serialization to speed enterprise wide serialization.

Higgs 4 UHF InlayHiggs 4 UHF Inlay

If you are looking for a specific Alien Higgs 3 or Higgs 4 UHF Inlay and you cannot locate it on our website, please contact us via email or phone to discuss your requirements.

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